Travel Inner Circle: MoneyMaker's Mindset Coaching Membership (Annually)

$479.00 USD every year

The MoneyMaker's Mindset Group Coaching Program for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners re-opens for new members on November 1, 2022. Facilitated by PJ Douglas Sands. Be a part of the Travel Inner Circle, specifically designed with Advisors and Travel Agency Owners in mind.  This powerful monthly MasterMind will recharge your Travel Business bottom line.

In working together with PJ, you will be challenged to both receive the results you desire and question everything about who you are so you can let go of bad practices that do not serve you or your business.

This allows you to step into the full, radiant power of your authenticity. .

What you'll get:

  • Travel, Hospitality and Tourism specific MasterMind Sessions (2nd Tuesday monthly) 
  • Bi-Monthly Access to MoneyMaker's Mindset Program (1st & 3rd Tuesday monthly)
  • Included Bonus Content, Resources, Downloads and E-Books for marketing, planning and running your Travel Business.

Monthly memberships allow access to content month by month. Additional discounts available with quarterly and annual membership.

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