Custom TravelJoy / CRM 21-Day Setup for Busy Travel Advisors (single payment)

Don't you wish you could just hire someone to take some things off your plate, but you don’t even know where you would start if you had to train them?

This service is for busy travel advisors who can’t (or don’t want to) find the hours & hours it takes to set up an excellent client experience with a CRM like TravelJoy or Travefy. Deliver a modern booking experience that compliments your client journey from inquiry to booking and traveling with you, then returning home.

How about if we do it for you? At DS3, we approach all custom design and system setup with with a MoneyMaker's Mindset™ so a client feels like a VIP passing off his/her vacation planning to a trusted expert filled with value.

At DS3 we will design and load email and workflow templates in your brand's voice, connect them so that you can fully or semi-automate everything possible, implement essential elements of your CRM, and make sure your reminders show up for you when you need them. We will also provide on-demand tutorials for you to use the tools we have customized with you and for you.
While it is important that you understand how CRMs like TravelJoy or Travefy work, we know that the initial setup can be too much, especially when the travel inquiries are rolling in.

Our Custom TravelJoy / CRM 21-Day Setup for Busy Travel Advisors includes 5 sessions in 21 days! once your payment has been processed and you have completed your initial 45min consultation to chat about your business and client experience.

  • Initial 45min Consultation about your Business and Client Experience
  • In-Depth Review of your Brand’s Voice, Client Profile and CRM Profile Form (Day 1)
  • Brand Overview and SOP Timeline Analysis (Day 7)
  • Workflow and Infrastructure Analysis (Day 14)
  • Tutorial Session - Workflow Implementation (day 21)

Utilizing a CRM requires a willingness to learn, a "can-do" attitude and a MoneyMaker's Mindset™. There’s always a learning curve when implementing a new tool into your day to day infrastructure. You will need to dedicate time to familiarize yourself with the respective chosen CRM through webinars and the product's help tools.

You can make your payment 100% in full to begin or you can split the cost into 2 easy payments with a 50% retainer due to secure your project start date and establish Day 1, and the final 50% balance being due no later than 7 days after the final presentation has been delivered to you at Day 21. 

$497.00 USD